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In 1992, our founder, Graham York, put his knowledge of food development and passion for baking to the test when he began to develop, make and distribute a small selection of ambient baked goods to businesses across the UK. His motto would be “quality and tradition in every case.” Over the past twenty-five years, we’ve progressed quite some way from these humble beginnings. But we haven’t strayed from the values that got us here: quality, honesty and making all of our products from scratch by hand.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team are at the heart of everything we do. From artisan bakers who carefully make and finish our products by hand to warehouse workers who ensure deliveries are sent out on time, our ability to continually achieve the highest standards is due to each individual’s dedication, skill and seamless teamwork.


Charlotte Haggis

Charlotte has been with us from the very beginning, having worked her way up to the position of CEO after holding a number of positions across all areas of the business.

Hands-on and involved in all aspects of the company, Charlotte takes on all kinds of tasks, from working closely with our production director to create new recipes to dealing with suppliers to source new ingredients. With a detailed and thorough understanding of how all areas of the business works, Charlotte oversees the growth, strategy and direction of Food Connections.


Graham York

Believing that handmade is best when it comes to creating authentic tasting, great looking products, Graham founded Food Connections in 1992.

With decades of experience in food development and a lifelong passion for baking behind him, Graham began to develop, make and distribute a small selection of ambient baked goods to businesses across the UK nearly thirty years ago. Today, Graham still plays an important role in this family-run business, with his unparalleled knowledge of the industry lying at the heart of all we do.


Pamela York

In 1992 Pam co-founded the Company with Graham.
Pam initially focused on the finance and administration functions of the Company and now concentrates on special projects.


Gary Mason

Having spent much of his career within the food industry, Gary has a wealth of specialist knowledge and much expertise on company growth and strategy.

Gary is new to the team, joining us in 2017. Before joining us, he worked in the food packaging sector and as a result he has considerable experience in sales. He brings valuable knowledge about food packaging and expertise on company growth and strategy to the Food Connections team.

Finance Director

Dean Spray

A long-serving member of the Food Connections team, our Finance Director Dean oversees accounts for the entire Food Connections group.

Dean joined us in 2005 when he made the move from McVities to Food Connections. Highly knowledgeable and experienced in both finance and the food industry, Dean brings invaluable expertise to the team and not only ensures that the finance team is running smoothly but also takes charge of legal and planning issues.

Production Director

Chris B

Chris has recently joined the company with a vast experience in food production & engineering. He has held positions in biscuit manufacturing, bakeries and even working with engineers & scientists for the European space agency!

Chris is responsible for oversight of the management at both our Flapjack & Muffin factories, health & safety on sight and that quality standards are maintained & developed.

Outside of work he has his hands full with 3 young children & being a governor at his sons school. He also enjoys cooking and being active!

Group Sales Director

Mark Russell

Mr Russell Returns......He just couldn't keep away from us! Mark has recently returned to the business taking on the role of Group Sales Director. Mark has worked in the food industry for over 30 years, with roles in buying, senior sales and business development. Mark enjoys spending time with his family (he has twin girls so this keeps him very busy!), playing/watching sports with his son and the occasional pint when his wife allows him!

Production Team

Our Production Team consists of technical and production experts who oversee our teams of Makers, our production facilities and the day-to-day manufacture of our products.

The members of our Production Team work closely with the NPD experts in our Operations Team, putting their practical knowledge and years of experience towards the development and manufacture of new recipes. Our Production Team also includes two quality control experts who ensure that all technical and quality standards are at the highest possible levels.

Cake Production Manager

Chris Dailey

Chris joined us in 1997, his enthusiasm for making great products showed at an early stage and he progressed through the company. Chris now oversees the manufacturing of Flapjacks, Cakes and Protein products. This year Chris finally got married, 10 years after meeting a wonderful young lady who also works with us.

Chris is always active at work plus having two young boys, he’s always on the go - so to wind down you’d normally find him either fishing or relaxing beside his Koi pond with a nice cold cider.

Muffin Production Manager

Simon Ralph

Simon has been with the company for 19 years and has held the position of Muffin Production Manager for this duration. He is responsible for the day to day running of the Muffin Factory.

He enjoys spending weekends with his wife & 2 daughter's along with sport activities and keeping fit.

Management Accountant

Bhrijesh Patel

Brij joined the team in July 2023 and works alongside our Financial Director. He has previously worked for Food Manufacturing companies within Leicestershire.

Brij is responsible for payroll, management accounts, analysis reports and other financial matters.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife & children, socialising with friends and watching football & cricket!

NPD Manager

Miki Symons

As our resident new product development pro, Miki is an invaluable asset to our team. In fact, Miki’s job is so important and interesting, we’ve already written a whole blog on her work! Born in Japan, she now lives in the UK. She loves music and is exceptionally good at playing the piano!

Do you have a hidden talent? Karate (so don’t upset her!)

Warehouse Manager

Matthew Surch

Matt is responsible for goods being delivered in & out, warehouse maintenance, counting stock/replenishing and high quality of food defense.

Outside of work, Matt is a father to 4 children, 2 step children and a grandfather to 2……this keeps him very busy! He is a Rugby coach for his son’s team and enjoys taking on extreme sports including Ziplining & Airsofting! He also enjoys cooking, having weekly date nights with his wife and holidays across the UK.

Technical Manager

Gillian Currie

Gillian joined the company in January 2023, she has previously worked in various technical positions across food manufacturing companies.
She is responsible for food safety on site, compliance to standards, customer audits & site visits and product specifications.
Outside if work gill enjoys meals out with her family/friends and trips to the theatre.....her favourite being Swan Lake! She also enjoys spending time with her 2 children and sunny holidays abroad!

Technical / Quality Assurance Assistant

Vinay Parmar

Vinay joined the team in June 2023 and works alongside our Technical manager Gill. He has worked in similar roles at various food production companies in Leicestershire.

Vinay is responsible for daily production checks, improving technical systems, customer complaints and assisting the Technical manager.

In his spare time, Vinay enjoys spending time with his Son, playing football and socialising with friends.

Technical Services Co-ordinator

Louise Hicklin

Louise has recently returned to the company…..she missed us too much!

She has taken on the roll of Technical Services Co-ordinator and is responsible for ensuring internal systems match the customer standards & requirements, dealing with suppliers and supporting the Technical Manager with Audits/Training.

Outside of work, Louise enjoys socialising with friends and family, watching her favourite movies including “Harry Potter” and taking part in a local pub quiz.

Senior Support

Gail Stanford

After working for Boots the chemist and B&Q in the Far East, Gail joined Food Connections in 2012 where she has been an integral part of the business in our offices in Coalville. Gail was successful in becoming our Operations Director in 2019 covering all office operations and transport. In 2021, Gail decided to persue new ventures but is so committed to Food Connections that she was persuaded to stay and remains involved in the business part-time, giving support on business projects and guidance to teams across the business.

Gail is animal mad and loves 'clearing the mind' with long walks with her new dog.....we're not sure who has the most energy!

Purchase Ledger

Samantha Watkins

Sam started in Feb 2019 as Purchase Ledger then expanded to cover Sales Ledger as well in 2020. She raises orders and oversees the completion of them, making sure they are delivered on time and in full. Sam has a grown-up family and grandchildren whom she adores and who especially keep her busy, but she can always give them back to their mum at the end of the day! Sam enjoys forensics and spends her spare time watching and reading about crime.

Internal Sales Coordinator

Sarina Martin

Sarina is one of our longest-serving members and as a result is our go-to fount of knowledge. Having been with us for 15 years, there's not much about the business that Sarina doesn't know! A hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of person, you won’t find Sarina kicking back relaxing in her spare time – instead, she volunteers for the Sea Cadets, organising all kinds of events at the weekends.

Favourite Food Connections snack? Caramel Shortcake.

Sales & Logistics Coordinator

Nikki Hogan

Nikki has been at Food Connections for 5 years. Nikki first came to Food Connections to work in the accounts department but when a vacancy came up in Operations in 2020 she fancied a new challenge. Nikki is very into the gym and she’s also a very active member of a book club – you’ll often find her curled up with a good read and a gin & tonic!

Dream holiday? Carnival time in Rio!

Administration Assistant

Michelle Moore

Michelle has recently returned to the company having previously left in 2016. She couldn't keep away from us!! She is now a mother to a little boy and enjoys family days out along with the odd glass of wine! She will no doubt be one of the first people you speak to on the phone or come face to face with at the office. You wont miss her smile & bubbly personality!


As a trusted industry leader, we work with companies across the UK and Europe. Our belief in collaboration and quality means that we not only achieve our client's aims but consistently exceed their expectations.


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