When you work with our trusted, experienced team, you can be sure to receive quality products and reliable, knowledgeable service. We tailor our new product development (NPD), private label production, and exporting services to your individual needs and work hard to ensure that both your and your clients’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

From Concept To Marketplace.

New Product

Handmade Muffins

Explore our range of deliciously moist and moreish handmade muffins. Available in 8 different flavours and toppings, these ambient, individually wrapped muffins are shelf-ready and sure to please.

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Flavourful Flapjacks

Discover all kinds of expertly formulated flavours in our ambient, individually wrapped flapjack range. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavours or like something a little out-of-the-box, there’s a something for you.

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Handcrafted Cookies

Mixed, baked and decorated by hand, our giant cookies are something to behold. Available in 3 fabulous flavours, each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure a fresh and fantastic taste from the first bite.

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Carefully Baked Cakes & Bars

Handmade according to carefully developed recipes and baked to utter perfection, our wide variety of ambient loaf cakes, cake slices, and bars offer so many choices when it comes to flavours and textures.

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Expertly Formulated Products

Carefully formulated by highly skilled and experienced food development specialists, our sports and protein products are developed to be the ideal accompaniments to a nutritionally balanced active lifestyle.

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As a trusted industry leader, we work with companies across the UK and Europe. Our belief in collaboration and quality means that we not only achieve our client's aims but consistently exceed their expectations.


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