I have never loved a flapjack before in my life, until now!

Have you tried our Bakewell flapjack?

Laura Wesley wrote to us, perfectly summing it up! Thank you, Laura, for taking the time to let us know how much you enjoyed our Bakewell flapjack. 

"I'll be honest with you, I wasn't expecting to like this flapjack. I am a fan of flapjack but I have never seen Bakewell flapjacks before so I was curious. My stepdad bought it and I took it (shhh don't tell him). It was lying in the cupboard for days, probably wondering when it was going to get eaten. When I took it I put it in my bag and went to a friends house. I was planning to eat it there but completely forgot about it. Shut-in darkness for days, the flapjack was probably wishing it was back in the light, back in the spacious cupboard it once lived. Now, in complete darkness, surrounded by things it didn't know, probably scared out of its mind. 

Until today! It saw some light cutting through the darkness, reaching the frightened flapjack, allowing it to see its surroundings for a few seconds. A gigantic hand reaching in, moving things around. Complete fear racing through Flappys (the flapjacks name) mind. Wondering what terror was awaiting it. But to Flappys surprise it was rising. Rising through the darkness, through all the other items in my bag. Sensing the light, seeing everything there is to see. For the first time since the fridge, Flappy was feeling good, content even.

Then, when things were looking up, I tore Flappys skin. I couldn't hear the screams but I assume it felt like nothing it had ever felt before. Now begging to go back into the fridge, to feel the cool breeze against the packaging. Hell, Flappy would make do with the darkness if that meant not feeling this underlying feeling of doom and dread that was approaching. 

I ripped open Flappy again, squeezing the bottom and finally exposing Flappy to the fresh, crisp air. However, Flappy could not appreciate this due to the enormous amount of pain it was currently experiencing. And with that, I took my first bite. Tasting Flappy in all its glory. I have never known a flapjack remain so moist despite being in a fridge and a bag for days. 

I could taste the sweet flavour of the Bakewell. The soft, moist, crumbly texture of the oats. It was simply beautiful. I ate it so slow just to savour the beautiful taste. I have no idea where to find more, but I'm hoping I can! I have never loved a flapjack before in my life until now. I must seek out more Bakewell Flapjacks! I need that sweet goodness in my mouth again! The combination of both just works so well! Even if it doesn't sound right on paper. I want to thank everyone!! Bless your lives for creating such beauty!! If you have any idea where I can purchase more of your delicious Flapjack goods, please please direct me! 

Sometimes you should get positive feedback, to let you know how good a job you're doing. So keep it up!!"

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