Delicious & Nutritious: Our New Protein Flapjack!

Healthy eating and specialised diets have never been more popular, and protein in snacks is all the rage! And even those that can’t afford a healthier lifestyle fancy a treat every now and then, meaning there’s a real demand across the board for functional snacks that taste great.

Fortunately, we’ve developed our new caramel and chocolate flavour protein flapjack to cater for those very demands! Filled with tasty, golden oats for a satisfying flapjack texture, packed with 12 grams of protein and drizzled with a chocolate flavour topping, this protein flapjack looks great, tastes fantastic and really delivers!

When it comes to developing protein snacks, functionality often compromises flavour, but this isn’t the case here. As it’s not too high in protein, it retains the delicious taste of a caramel flapjack but with all the added nutritional benefits, making it more palatable than a lot of protein-rich snacks and suitable for a wider audience.

It’s this that makes it a perfect everyday flapjack for anyone and everyone to enjoy, from those who are actively looking to increase their protein intake to anyone who fancies a snack with a healthier twist! It’s also the ideal size to throw in your gym bag for a pre- or post-workout snack, keep in your desk drawer at work for a snack as part of a protein-rich diet, or have to hand to give you a boost whilst you’re on to go.

What’s in it?

Well more to the point…

What’s not in it?

There are no hydrogenated fats or trans fats in any of our products!

Tell me more…

It’s also handmade, suitable for vegetarians, and is ambient with a shelf life of 16 weeks. Nutritionally speaking, each 65g bar contains 269kcal, 9.1g of fat, 2g of fibre, and 33g carbohydrates, 17g of which sugars.

Tempted? We don’t blame you! These delicious new protein flapjacks are bound to cause a storm! And the great news is, they’re available to order now in shelf-ready display cases and are ideal for vending machines – simply get in touch with our sales team on 01530 830180 or use our contact form to contact for more information.

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