Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to our brand new website! It’s been a long time coming and we’re thrilled that it’s finally here.

As a company, we pride ourselves on creating top-quality products. We therefore wanted our website to really reflect our commitment to excellence and give anyone who visits it a clear idea of who we are and what we do. Using the bold colours of our brand as a starting point, our site has been totally reimagined and is now responsive (so you can view it on your smartphone or tablet) and is filled with eye-catching effects and fabulous little details that make it really stand out and all the more special.

You can now browse a selection of our tasty treats – from our classic core products to our wide selection of value muffins – and clearly access all the nutritional information, case sizes and weights you need. And, thanks to fantastic new photography, you can see all of our scrummy treats in all their glory. You can also discover all kinds of things that weren’t previously featured on our old site, such as our NPD expertise and exporting capabilities, our experience in the health and sports snacks sector and our history.

So, for those who were familiar with our old site, we’re sure you can tell how big of a change there’s been, but we hope you like it. For any new visitors reading this, welcome! We hope you all enjoy browsing it as much as we have.