Sweet Treats & Snack Solutions for the Travel Sector

Having spent many years working closely with a variety of organisations within the travel sector, we have a detailed understanding of the specialised requirements and demands of this industry when it comes to snacks and food.

Whether you require on-board catering solutions for trains, planes and ferries or stock for cafes, snack shops and vending machines in stations, airports and service stations, our products can satisfy the needs of a wide cross-section of businesses within the travel sector. Backed by a strong yet flexible logistics network, we provide our freshly made, high quality handmade products across the UK and Europe.

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People-Pleasing Products

Our core collection of classic products, featuring flapjacks, cookies, muffins, cake slices and bars, perfectly suits the needs of the travel sector. Swiftly handmade to order, the lead times on our core collection are very good, ensuring that you receive your order quickly and efficiently.

The handmade nature of our products isn’t just a benefit when it comes to lead times, either. It’s a big benefit when it comes to consumer appeal. In an increasingly machine-made market, handmade products really stand out as something special and worth spending money on.

With an impressively wide range of products and flavours, our core collection offers something for everyone. We have traditional oaty flapjacks, chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins, eye-catching rocky road bars and brownie slices, premium topped Cherry Bakewell muffins and Millionaires shortbread – plus much more!

These products are perfect on-the-go snacks, too. We’ve really thought about what makes a product convenient to consume whilst travelling and have analysed how well our snacks hold up. We’ve even gone back to the drawing board when a product has turned out to be too messy! Case in point: after realising that our popular chocolate muffin was a bit too crumbly to tidily eat on the go, we reformulated the recipe to reduce the bothersome crumb count and keep shirts and trousers clean!

Want to see the full range for yourself? Take a closer look here.

Distribution & Export Services

We understand the logistical demands and need to be flexible when it comes to distribution for companies within the travel sector. Whether it’s delivering to a number of different locations, ensuring timed deliveries, or delivering to airports, we have done it and can do it with seamless ease thanks to our reliable logistics network.

We are also able to confidently provide deliveries within Europe thanks to over a decade of European exporting experience, well-established distribution partnerships and packaging that’s compliant with EU legislation. Our products are also available for export to other areas of the globe with clients undertaking the creation of pack design and arranging the export process for themselves via ex-works collections

Industry-Leading Shelf Life

A manageable shelf life is key for many organisations within the travel sector. Ranging from 16-18 weeks for our cake slices and bars, 17 weeks for our muffins and cookies to 26 weeks for our fantastic flapjacks, our snacks boast industry-leading shelf lives for handmade products.

And crucially, we don’t hold stock. All of our products are freshly made to order and delivered soon after, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the freshest product with the longest possible shelf life.

Dietary Requirements & Trends

To ensure that our offerings remain as current and popular as ever, we keep up to date with and respond to the broad trends and developments across the food industry. Dietary requirements are of course a particularly hot topic these days. Fortunately, many of our core collection products already meet some of the most popular needs, with almost all products suitable for vegetarians and many, such as our chocolate chip flapjack , strawberry jam flapjack, sultana and cherry flapjack and our original oaty flapjack, suitable for vegans.

We also produce several products that cater for the more health-conscious consumers out there; a range of skinny muffins in delicious orange and cranberry and classic blueberry flavours, and a brand new chocolate caramel flavour protein flapjack.

We’re also aware of trends that are specific to the travel sector itself. For example, over the last few years we’ve worked closely with airlines and have noticed an increase in requests for gift bags and lunch boxes, for which our mini muffins and mini flapjacks are ideal.

Whatever the market you’re trying to cater for or the requirements you’re trying to meet, we’ll always go the extra mile to help you find the ideal solution.

Private Label & NPD Services

For private label customers, we produce several quality products in clear wrap with your logo, including but not limited to several varieties of e40g flapjacks and e50g muffins. These can also be packaged in bespoke designed film. Minimum quantities do apply, however. Interested in private label products? Find out more .

If you’re looking for something completely different or have an idea for a totally new product, then we also have highly adaptable NPD capabilities to meet all kinds of requirements and changing trends. You can learn more about our NPD services here.

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The results speak for themselves, really. Our handmade products truly stand out in terms of quality, taste and convenience. They’re also competitively priced and backed by a strong distribution network. Our long-term partnerships with a number of travel sector companies including train lines and airlines show we’re a company trusted to deliver. Get in touch with our team today on 01530 830180 to find out more about how we can help you – we’re ready to provide solutions your customers are going to love!